2021 won by #456
2022 won by #???
played since 1970 A game that will change your life with guarantee


years of playing
Since 1970
We are changing lifes on a yearly basis. You can be next.

This token is able to change your life in the better just like in the squid game. Participate by holding and with a tid bit of luck you are the next winner of the squid game.

How to buy
A token built to award players for holding and give them a chance at winning it all.
6% Game Pool

The prize pool for all our minigames. Used on all contract in- and exclusive minigames using $SQC or $BNB.

2% Auto Liquidity

Every transaction automatically contributes to the locked liquidity pool. This ensures a health growth.

1% Redistribution

Holding SquidCoin ($SCQ) will award you with token through a static reflection. The more you hold the more you get.

1% Marketing

A small portion will contribute to growing our community rapidly. This is the necessary resource to keep the games going.

Pinkpaper & Audit
  • pinkpaper
    Our pinkpaper that tells our story and our ambition
  • audit
    An upcoming audit to share the security of our contract
The frontman leads the way and this is the way we are chosing to go.
PHASE 1: The idea

☐ Prepare token
☑ Prepare website
☑ Prepare dashboard
☑ Minigames #1 & #2
☐ Giveaway minigame
☐ Token presale

PHASE 2: Construction

☐ Get crazy with the dashboard
☐ Pass audit & start listing
☐ Share our existance
☐ List on CoinMarketCap
☐ List on Coingecko
☐ List on Blockfolio

PHASE 3: Realization

☐ Start marketing campaigns
☐ Listing on various exchanges
☐ Prototype NFT collection
☐ Expand minigames
☐ Prepare project Squapp

PHASE 4: Won the game

☐ Expand marketing campaigns
☐ Make charity a winner
☐ SquidVerse project
☐ Squapp staging (iOS/Android)
☐ Shuffle gameplan

Buying process
How to buy $SQC Token on Pancakeswap
Download MetaMask on PC or Trust Wallet on Mobile

Download MetaMask or Trust Wallet and add the Binance Smartchain RPC (click here for a guide).

Buy BNB on Binance and transfer it to your Wallet

Buy Smart Chain BNB on Binance. Transfer the BNB over to your MetaMask/Trust Wallet. The Wallet address starts with "0x".

Exchange BNB for SquidCoin on Pancakeswap

Visit the Pancakeswap Exchange. Connect your Wallet on the top right. Swap BNB (top) to Squidcoin (bottom).