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What is SquidCoin?

SquidCoin ($SQC) is a deflationary token focused on sustainable growth through constant and strategic forms of marketing, attracting new investors. The ultimate goal is to create a token that will change investors lifes with a unique twist. The token has unique minigame features and it rewards long term investors with a payout of a static reflection. The games will exceed the abilities of the smart contract the further we move on. SquidCoin is a token that will combine the crypto space (BSC) and the popular series Squid Games and in addition add the possibility to win big in a series of minigames. The buy tax is mostly shared to game pools. The pools will then be used for automatic minigame payouts such as the guesser game, which is implemented within the contract itself. Other minigames excluded from the contract like a payday and more to come will also be funded with said game pools.

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Why should you invest in SquidCoin?

SquidCoin is a long term game token that will let people participate without the risk of death. The further we get along the more minigames will be introduced and we might as well exceed the smart contracts abilities with that. Holders will get rewards through a static reflection and can either automatically enter the payday minigame or participate actively in minigames such as the guesser game to win big. Minigames will continue to be added and will be funded with the game pools. An updated dashboard will host multiple minigames and a mobile app will follow in the distant future. This app will just like the dashboard host minigames and expand the possibilities for our games. NFTs are also going to be introduced once the community hits a certain size to spice it up even further. Join the games without the risk of death.

Tokenomics & Percentages

As we are trying to make an impact on the Binance Smart Chain and we want to create a unique token experience, our main priority is to focus on games. Just like the real prize pool our token will start with an initial supply of 45.6 billion tokens and will slowly start to decrease as supply burns away. The game pool therefore holds the highest percentage and will be used to create life changing minigames for every SquidCoin holder. Holders should also be rewarded for simply holding. The liquidity fee assures a more stable growth of the token and the marketing fee is used to spread wide and far. The game pool is split into partitions whereas each partition is used in its own individual way. The games themselves are explained in more detail in their own section, but will consist of on contract games that reward $SQC tokens and off contract games where the rewards will be shared in $BNB. Sell tax may only be applied in certain circumstances. Percentages are subject to change.

The Frontman's Note

Inevitably, SquidCoin will go through periods of extreme volatility - as expected in all BSC tokens. The ultimate goals will regardlessly stay put and will alongside the team try to reach a sustainable chart. The long term goals will be reached step by step whereas each new step will contribute to the health growth of our community. As seen in our series, each step is bound to be taken very carefully as you don’t want to miss the hardened glass. This will result in a slower pace, but eventually pay off when we finally reach the finish line.

*The information in this pinkpaper does not constitute as an offer or solicitation to sell shares.